Alex Kallivroussis
Body therapist and sexuality coach

When pleasure transforms into a burden

Already while reading the title ” pleasure-pressure” we get the feeling that something is off in this sentence. Not at all surprising, since the two terms actually do not go well together. Especially not in the context of a lively, authentic, and fulfilling sexuality.

Unfortunately, we tend to get in our heads with issues of performance in pleasure. Often, the latter almost completely comes short in the process. 

This is exactly where I help, in my practice for body-oriented sexuality coaching. Together we find out where the problem lies and find ways back to pleasure, without pressure and frustration.




In the life of every man there comes a moment in which the erection simply does not do what we would like from it. Either it fails completely, or collapses at the most inconvenient moment. 

No need to panic. Together we will find out where the problem lies, and find ways to get back into the pleasure and power.


To come too quickly, to orgasm too early, respectively to ejaculate, can happen to each of us men at some point. However, when it becomes the rule rather than the exception, this can become a challenge for those involved.

In addition to their own frustration, their partners also suffer from this condition.

We work out the underlying reasons for premature ejaculation and find effective strategies and techniques to keep pleasure at bay, giving you more control over your ejaculation.


The lack of desire in the relationship is also one of the top problems in the bedroom. Many couples wrestle with this upsetting issue. Self-doubt and complex interactions between, work, personal life, fantasies and daily routine, make our erotic life a challenge.

There are many ways out of the lack of desire. We will find the right ones for you either through individual or couple sessions.


Anyone who believes that orgasm is a granted is very much mistaken. For many people, the much sought-after finale in lovemaking is often absent. Even with a lot of effort, the orgasm can not be achieved. Not infrequently, it is faked at the end to avoid hurting the partner.

We will find your personal pattern and work on finding solutions and strategies that lead you back to pleasure and to your body instead of your mind.


Long gone are the days when opening up the relationship (i.e. from sexual exclusivity to sex with other partners) was an issue only for same-sex couples. 

Due to the high emotional complexity of the topic, it makes sense to seek professional help to survive and enjoy this step as a couple.


Straight, gay, bi or what? Sexual orientation can cause a lot of confusion, doubts and even fears. What is clear as daylight for one person can be a big problem for another. 

No reason to deal with this topic alone. In a conversation you can ask questions, clear up doubts and accept and enjoy your own authentic sexuality at your own pace.


Since each person is unique, there are no standardized processes.
However, usually my counseling sessions include the following three points.

01. Sex Education

It is always amazing to see how much education is still needed among us adults around sex and sexuality. Even with some additional information, many problems can be put into perspective. From questions about physiology to gender issues, or sexual orientation, you can get information from me without taboos.

02. Body awareness

My approach is body oriented. Thus, we work together on topics of conscious breathing, body awareness and self-regulation. Always practical and with a lot of humor. Learn to understand and enjoy your body. 

03. Talk based coaching

In the actual consultation, we take a close look at your problems and try to find a suitable solution for you. The goal is to give you useful tips that will help you as quickly as possible. After that, we take care of the issues that allow a sustainable solution.


Alex Kallivroussis
Body therapist and sexuality coach

It is time that we listen to our bodies by giving our genitals the attention that they deserve, with open eyes to see the things we learned to ignore, an open heart to sense the emotions and sensations we tend to block, and an open mind to allow new experiences to be part of our lives.

Mindful and authentic

At the center of my over 12 years of practice, is to support my clients through bodywork and talk-oriented modalities to reach a deeper understanding of the things that block them to live a good and happy life inside and outside of the bedroom.

A fulfilled sexuality is the key to a juicy, exciting and at the same time authentic life. Can I live my sexuality the way I want and need it? Can I be the man/woman I am deep inside? Sexuality coaching is therefore much more than the question of what happens or doesn’t happen in the bedroom.

In my practice, I mainly specialize in issues of male sexuality. However, women and couples are of course also welcome. 

As an openly living gay man, I am also a qualified contact for questions of the queer community. It is my concern to work out quick and sustainable solutions for my clients, which enable them to enjoy their own sexuality in a conscious, mindful, authentic, and pleasurable way.



The expenses costs vary depending on the location (practice / online) and the type of session (individual session / couple session)

01. Welcome session

In the first session we get to know each other. I learn about your concerns and we talk about how I can help. In other words, we define the assignment for me. Likewise, I explain to you how my approach is. If it fits mutually, we will continue to work together.

* Prices each as single / couple session

02. Sessions on site

Depending on the case, even a few sessions can help effectively. In many cases, however, it takes more time. In such cases I work with 5 sessions. We will have regular sessions to assess the situation where we discuss the progress of the case and decide if and how we want to proceed. In some cases there can be a shift from the initial coaching goal, or we need to readjust certain aspects.

* Prices each as single / couple session

03. Online sessions

It is not always possible to come to the consultation on site. Online sessions are therefore a good way to work independently of the location. Although the on-site consultation has more advantages, as we can work more directly with the exercises, there are also effective ways to improvise for online sessions.

* Prices each as single / couple session